At Aim Counseling Group we offer qualified Graduate level interns an environment to learn and grow within their field. Part of their skill development is having an opportunity to view, participate in and conduct counseling sessions. –CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUTLINE–


A Professional Growth and Refinement program for graduates of Mental Health or Social Work Masters Program.

Begin the process of understanding how to be resilient and knowledgeable in the career of mental health.

Learn foundational knowledge:
CBT, DBT, REBT, Solution Focused, TF-CBT, ERP, Crisis Debriefing, Gottman, SITCAP, Behavioral Modification, Executive Functioning, Art Therapy, Educational Testing, Breathwork, etc.
Examples of Training and Educational Discussions:
Risk Assessments: Suicidality and Self harm Behaviors
Report Writing
The Art of Disclosure in the therapeutic setting
Basics of Trauma
Basics of billing and insurance
Customer Service
Client acquisition and retention
Scheduling your time
Trainings by Interdisciplinary Professionals in the Community
Meet and greet with Community referral sources
Observe, Learn, Grow.
Individual and Group Licensure Supervision.
Clients will be provided and matched based upon Registered Intern’s skill level
Client Fee for session: TBD
Quarterly evaluations to review and assess professional and clinical progress and rate evaluation.
Please contact James Phillips, LMHC if you are interested to learn more about becoming part of the AIM team.


Aim Counseling group as a leading practice in Southwest Florida is looking to hire experienced licensed therapists who are ready to live their passion and grow our team as we continue to provide competent, resourceful, and dedicated therapeutic interventions to our community.

Please contact the Director of Operations, James Phillips, LMHC for more information.

Specialty Positions:

Art Therapist
Aim Counseling Group is looking to hire an Art Therapist with experience in all age ranges and levels of acuity. Our ideal candidate is flexible, committed and dedicated to growing in a team atmosphere.
Please contact the Director of Operations, James Phillips, LMHC for more information.

First Time Seeking Mental Health Services?

Taking the first step is the hardest part. We want to be a part of your growth, every step of the way. Get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can help you receive the help you need.