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Patient Services

Mental Health & Psychoeducation Services

AIM Counseling offers a range of mental health services designed to address various needs and age groups. Their specialties encompass:

  • Consultation:
    • Providing expert advice and guidance on mental health matters.
  • Anxiety Related Disorders:
    • Specialized support for individuals dealing with various anxiety disorders.
  • Expressive Arts:
    • Utilizing creative expression as a therapeutic tool to enhance emotional well-being and promote self-awareness.
  • Women’s Mental Health:
    • Tailored support and counseling for women dealing with mental health challenges.
  • Men’s Mental Health:
    • Tailored support and counseling for men dealing with mental health challenges.
  • Parental Mental Health:
    • Guidance for parents facing mental health issues and challenges related to parenting.
  • Adolescent Development:
    • Services addressing the unique mental health needs of adolescents.
  • Athlete Mental Health:
    • Support for athletes dealing with psychological factors related to their performance and well-being.
  • Family Divorce Adjustment:
    • Assisting families and individuals in navigating the challenges of divorce.
  • Life Adjustments:
    • Counseling to help individuals cope with significant life changes and transitions.
  • Trauma/Grief:
    • Specialized support for individuals dealing with trauma and grief.
  • Low Acuity Outpatient Substance Abuse:
    • Counseling for individuals dealing with low-level substance abuse.
  • Psychoeducation:
    • Providing information and learning tools to help individuals better understand and manage their mental health conditions.
  • Executive Functioning Skills:
    • Assisting individuals in developing skills related to organization, time management, planning, and task completion.

Couples, Marriages, & Relationships

Our therapists understand relationship dynamics
No matter what difficulties you’re currently facing, our compassionate team is dedicated to guiding you towards a path of healing, and growth. AIM is committed to helping you achieve the fulfilling and harmonious connections you deserve.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Specialized Trauma & Grief Counseling

Amie Thomas LMHC, CTS, QS
Is a highly qualified mental health professional who has built her career on the foundations of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), with a particular emphasis on trauma and grief counseling.

Group Therapy

With everyone’s safety in mind, AIM Counseling Group has implemented even more safety measures for in-person groups such as increased cleaning and sanitation, air purifiers, client screenings, and temperature checks. Please contact us for an assessment to join our groups! All groups are tailored to be age-appropriate. Groups are geared towards empowerment and emotional and physical safety. Caregivers will receive a handout after each child or adolescent group to explain what was covered and how to support your child to utilize these empowerment skills.

Amie's Concierge Therapy

Experience an exceptional and one-of-a-kind premier concierge service brought to you by Amie Thomas, LMHC, CTS, QS. Amie’s personalized client-centric concierge therapy program is thoughtfully designed for individuals, couples, and families who seek the highest level of clinical expertise, unwavering client attention, and the convenience of same or next-day appointments with Amie.