• OCD and Anxiety Related Disorders
  • Depression
  • Men’s Mental Health
  • Adolescence
  • Self Harm behaviors
  • Family Divorce Adjustment
  • Art Therapy
  • Breath Work and Wellness Yoga
  • Trauma and Grief
  • Educational Consulting
  • Low Acuity Outpatient Substance Abuse
  • Male Specific Body Dysmorphia Issues
  • Maternal Mental Health
  • Steroid Dependence, Use and Misuse
  • Athlete Mental Health


With everyone’s safety in mind, AIM Counseling Group has implemented even more safety measures for in-person groups such as increased cleaning and sanitation, air purifiers, client screenings, and temperature checks. Please contact us for an assessment to join our groups! All groups are tailored to be age-appropriate.  Groups are geared towards empowerment and emotional and physical safety.  Caregivers will receive a handout after each child or adolescent group to explain what was covered and how to support your child to utilize these empowerment skills.

Positive Power Group (Ages 7-10)

Strengthen the internal locus of control which is the “I make things happen” mindset instead of “others make things happen to me” mindset that can feel powerless. Skills we will learn and practice: empathy, win-win problem solving, tolerance, flexibility, mindfulness, compassion, big picture understanding, positive self-talk, emotion regulation, assertive communication, self-awareness, and taking responsibility for our actions.

Empowerment Group (Ages 11-13)

Promotes positive growth and empowerment through assertive communication & increased self-esteem. This group will provide engaging activities and discussions covering topics such as expression of emotions, empathy, building self-esteem, assertive communication, bullying prevention, listening skills, stress management, and coping with various pressures.

Middle School Resilience Group (Ages 10-14)

Buildresilience, self-awareness, and self-regulatory skills to face the stressors of life. The middle school years include new developments of friendships, interests, and desires separate from parents. These new situations bring their own unique challenges and opportunities. Learn to adapt and grow through moments of adversity.

Young Woman’s Resilience Group (Ages 14-18)

Explore what it means to be resilient and learn how to build resiliency through the 7 C’s: Confidence, Connection, Character, Competence(strengthens), Contribution, Control, andCoping. With a foundation of resilience, our high school young woman will be better apt to cope with change, loss, and the various setbacks that we all experience throughout life.

Young Men’s Resilience Group (Ages 10+)

Navigating life as young person growing into adulthood is not always the most pleasant or easy to understand experience, and young men have specific issues that often times require support, fellowship, and critical thought. The Young Men’s Resilience Group at AIM Counseling will provide a framework and plan to make this time of change and discovery easier. The will fill the role of providing clinical and research based information that will educate and hopefully enlighten. The time spent will tackle topics like: What is healthy masculinity? Is pornography bad for you? What do I need to know about dating? How do I show discipline and accountability in my day to day life? How do I handle being anxious in social situations, and other topics suggested by group participants. We look forward to assisting young men develop character and resilience in the coming months..

DREAM Group (Ages 14-18)

D – Distress tolerance

R – Regulation

E – Effectiveness

A – Assertiveness

M – Mindfulness

Learn skills to help identify, process, and cope with intense emotion as well as build the confidence and resilience needed to face challenging circumstances head-on.

Adult Trauma Wellness Group (18+)

Aim’s Trauma Wellness Group will be held once monthly with the focus on the “opposites” of trauma – Safety, Connection and Movement.    Scheduling TBD.

Adult Trauma Therapy Group (18+)

Led by Amie Thomas, LMHC, CTS and Tonya Sletta, LMHC.

AIM’ s Structured Trauma Therapy Group has been developed utilizing the evidenced based framework of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) .  In addition, the group will participate in interventions that utilize Structed Sensory interventions, Internal Family System interventions, breathwork, creative expression, movement and music.

The group is designed to assist adults in understanding trauma on the biological, physiological, cognitive and behavioral level.  This understanding to geared to promote one’s ability to increase their self-awareness and capacity to process and store traumatic memories successfully which will increase overall resilience.   In addition, the group promotes the “opposites of trauma” to add a solution focused approach to the healing process.

Group Specifics: 

Trauma education – how it is processed within the brain and body and the trauma response

Increased awareness and mastery of the shift from emotional dysregulation to regulation within the central nervous system

Increased awareness of trauma response thought patterns, purpose and means in which to realistically reframe.

Learn how to reorganize explicit trauma reminders that induce the automatic trauma response.

Process a traumatic event to experience the empowering shift from being stuck to choice and movement.


Art Therapy Workshops
Art therapy enriches the lives of individuals and families through active art-making and the creative process within a psychotherapeutic relationship. Art Therapy is used to improve cognitive and sensory-motor functions, foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts and distress. Our monthly art workshops focus on a variety of topics.


Anxiety & OCD Accelerated Education and Tx Foundation
These accelerated courses, differentiated for adolescents or adults, are an incredible way to begin to understand anxiety and OCD disorders and engage in the most effective treatment for these disorders, Exposure and Response Prevention. This three day, 9 hour, workshop will provide you with education on Anxiety and OCD, ERP education, hierarchy development, as well as opportunities to practice exposures. The education and experience of this workshop will support a change in your response to your anxious thoughts and empower you to sit with the discomfort of the unknown.



1.) Positive Masculinity – James Phillips, LMHC – Date TBD. (March 2022)
For anyone reaching out for help when they realize they just can’t cope with the challenges in front of them by themselves it can be a humbling and uncomfortable experience.  This is often times much more difficult for men. The first in our series of weekend seminars will tackle this frustration from a male point of view, answering questions from when you know you need help. what is PUA culture?, What is the “Redpill”?, Is masculine behavior toxic?, How do I know I have a supportive relationship, and what is my role in my family?  One of the oversights of modern psychotherapy is the lack of engagement of men as a practitioner and a client, this time together can be a starting point for correcting this underutilization making a safe place for men to get the help they need.

2.) OCD/Anxiety related – Niamh Kennaugh, LCSW- Date TBD (April 2022)

3.) Trauma – Amie Thomas, LMHC, CTS- Date TBD (May/June 2022)

4.) TBD – Rose Balyeat, LMHC – Late summer TBD

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