Elizabeth Hanson

Skill Builder

Elizabeth Hanson is a Master’s Level Student Intern currently pursuing her Master of Social Work at the University of Central Florida.

Elizabeth has an extensive background working with children and adolescents struggling with attention deficits, anxiety, behavioral issues, learning disabilities, obsessive tendencies, and oppositional symptoms, as well as implementing successful interventions for various physical and behavioral challenges that accompany Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome.

Elizabeth’s professional experience is comprised of various helping roles, including volunteering for the Crisis Text Line, supporting at-risk students in alternative learning environments, and working as a Registered Behavior Technician in clinical and in-home/school settings.

She cares deeply for her clients and prides herself on her history of easily building rapport with children and parents alike. She approaches every case with the goal of improving each individual’s quality of life as much as possible through individualized treatment methods, as well as alleviating stress on the family unit as whole.

In her spare time, Elizabeth most enjoys being in, on, or by the water, soaking up all the therapeutic benefits of the sun and sea! On rainy days she can be found snuggling up to her two Jack Russell Terriers.

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