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Haley Nolz

Clinical Staff Skill Builder

I am a pre-licensed master’s level intern. I graduated with my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Hodges University. I am working towards licensure to become a licensed mental health counselor.

I have experience working with children, adolescents, and individuals in early/middle adulthood.

I am passionate about working with individuals who struggle with or have experienced domestic violence, trauma, and/or grief. I have experience working with individuals with different forms of anxiety, substance abuse, and depression as well, which are often comorbid with trauma and grief.

I am also passionate about teaching clients how to identify, regulate, express, and process their feelings and emotions in healthy ways. Regardless of what someone is struggling with, I find it important to help clients learn how to self-soothe and develop coping skills that work with them.

Through AIM Counseling, I am the lead master’s level clinician providing mental health services to residents of Sunlight Home. Sunlight Home is a long-term residential maternity program that provides resources and support for pregnant, single women and teens in Naples, FL. Sunlight Home was established to break the cycle of poverty and abuse for women and teen mothers. AIM Counseling’s role in Sunlight Home is to provide mental health assessments, individual psychotherapy, and psychoeducation/processing groups to their residents.

I mainly use a person-centered therapy approach, also known as Rogerian therapy. It is based on a non-authoritative approach and the principle that clients are the experts of their own lives. The role of the clinician is to guide the client using empathy, genuineness, and a non-judgmental stance. Using this approach allows clients to take more of a lead in session which results in the discovery of their own solutions. This approach cultivates recognition of capability, empowerment, positive self-esteem, trust in themselves, positive relationships, and a sense of identity. I use a combination of cognitive behavior therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and attachment theory.

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