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Jessica Moore

Skill Builder

Jessica is a Master’s Level Intern and deeply committed to facilitating personal growth and
positive transformation in her clients. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from
Florida Atlantic University and is currently enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Master’s program at Nova Southeastern University.

Jessica firmly believes in each client’s worth and their ability to overcome obstacles and create
a more fulfilling future. She cultivates a safe and nurturing therapeutic space, allowing clients to
express their thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. Jessica prioritizes the therapeutic
relationship and demonstrates empathy, compassion, authenticity, and respect in her
interactions with clients. She works with clients in a collaborative manner to help them achieve
their goals. She offers psychoeducational resources to facilitate greater self-awareness, coping
strategy development, and improvement of overall well-being. Treatment plans are tailored to
accommodate each client’s unique experiences, beliefs, lifestyle, and environmental factors.
Jessica is committed to helping her clients enhance their ability to manage life’s challenges and
construct a meaningful life. 

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