Accepting: Florida Blue - Cigna - Tricare - United Health - Medicare

Kat Debettencourt

Sensory Regulation Coach

In my work, I am passionate about helping people understand what their bodies are trying to tell them and educating them on how interconnected the mind, body, and spirit are.

My background is in exercise science and occupational therapy and I am finishing my education for clinical mental health counseling. My experience has led me to pursue this additional degree because I have learned how integral mental health is for overall healing and growth.

A unique skill set that I am passionate about is sensory regulation and the role of the nervous system in mental health and overall well-being. I enjoy helping people of all ages to understand the nervous system, and sensory systems, and how to achieve integration for optimal function and healing.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skill set to be able to help others become the best
that they can be.

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