Robert Treanor

Skill Builder

Hello, my name is Robert, and I am a Master’s Level Student Intern Skill Builder, and I am here with AIM Counseling, Wellness, and Consulting. I am currently in a Master’s program at Hodges University for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I believe in the therapeutic process of empathetically meeting clients in the space they are at currently while focusing on their strengths to support their desired goals. 

I have previous experience working with special needs children in a variety of settings.  In addition to my training at AIM, I bring my professional knowledge from an equestrian therapy center, an Intensive Behavioral Intervention classroom in Collier County Public Schools, and in a community mental health facility with high acuity children and their families. I am passionate about continually learning the most effective therapeutic modalities and techniques to help children and their families obtain the means to overcome challenges and find their potential.

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