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We Offer Affordable & Quality Mental Health Care

At AIM Counseling, we provide accessible therapy and psychoeducation at affordable rates. We focus on individual and family mental health, along with executive functioning skills. Our well-established masters level intern program creates a nurturing clinical training environment grounded in empathy and compassion. Our approach is scientific, relying on the proven mental health therapeutic methods.

Known for our extensive teaching practices, we have cultivated strong relationships with universities and have supported numerous graduating classes. Through our Bachelor's & Master's level intern program, we have the privilege of onboarding top-tier students and graduates in the final stages of their academic and clinical internship journey.

Under the direct guidance of Amie Thomas LMHC, CTS, QS, our interns undergo a comprehensive clinical and psychoeducational skill-building program, fostering a wide range of professional developments.

The success of our program allows us to offer quality therapy at affordable rates, addressing our clients' mental health needs by providing multiple levels of qualified clinicians, irrespective of financial circumstances.

Our team provides evidence based treatment and measurable outcomes along with psychoeducation, advocacy, consultation for mental health related circumstances. We focus the core of the matter in order for the client to understand and recognize how to change behavior pattens to create improved outcomes. We are all are wired differently. The universal goal is to optimize our strengths and manage our deficits.

Because our program is so successful we are able to provide quality therapy at affordable rates for our clients. We offer multiple levels of qualified clinicians to cater to our clients mental health needs regardless of financial ability.

*Rates Range; Based On Qualifications Of Individual Clinicians

  • Bachelor’s & Master’s Level Intern –    $25-$40

  • Master’s Level Clinical Staff Intern  –  $50-$85

  • Registered Mental Health Counseling Staff Intern $85-$125

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  $125 – $175

  • Licensed, Specialist, 10+ years experience  $225+

Clinical Levels & Qualifications

We Approach Every Situation With Empathy & Compassion

You can expect to be heard, respected, and supported every step of the way. Our ultimate goal when working with you is identifying the treatment approaches and interventions that will help you reach your goals as timely as possible. 

The most important resource to make this happen is you. We are here to help you tap into your inherent strengths and utilize those them to break the cycle of thinking and behaviors that have led you here.

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