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AIMs Group Therapy

Resilience – The Ability To Bounce Back When Life Gets Tough

Positive Power Group (Ages7-10)

Strengthen the internal locus of control which is the “I make things happen” mindset instead of “others make things happen to me” mindset that can feel powerless. Skills we will learn and practice: empathy, win-win problem solving, tolerance, flexibility, mindfulness, compassion, big picture understanding, positive self-talk, emotion regulation, assertive communication, self-awareness, and taking responsibility for our actions. A sense of power and control are universal human needs. How we choose to obtain that power and control can be positive or destructive. Children benefit from having awareness of how to obtain age appropriate power and control in positive ways.

Middle School Resilience Group (Ages 10-14)

Build Resilience, self-awareness, and self-regulatory skills to face the stressors of life. The middle school years include new developments of friendships, interests, and desires separate from parents. These new situations bring their own unique challenges and opportunities. Learn to adapt and grow through moments of adversity.

Teen Resilience Group (Ages 13-17)

Explore what it means to be resilient and learn how to build resiliency through the 7 C’s: Confidence, Connection, Character, Competence(strengthens), Contribution, Control, and Coping. With a foundation of resilience, our high school young women will be better apt to cope with change, loss, and the various setbacks that we all experience throughout life.

Adult Trauma Wellness Group (18+)

The group is designed to assist adults in understanding trauma on the biological, physiological, cognitive and behavioral level. This understanding to geared to promote one’s ability to increase their self-awareness and capacity to process and store traumatic memories successfully which will increase overall resilience. In addition, the group promotes the “opposites of trauma” to add a solution focused approach to the healing process.

*Caregivers will receive a handout after each child or adolescent group to explain what was covered and how to support your child to utilize these skills.

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