Amie Thomas LMHC, CTS, QS
Amie Thomas LMHC, CTS, QS

Amie Thomas explains that psychoeducation allows us to understand how our emotions work within ourselves individually and as a community. Based upon Amie’s professional experience, if we lack skills related to our emotions, there will be a negative impact on all parts of our lives. Education about mental health is a proactive and empowering approach to gain a sense of control over fluctuating emotions. The purpose of these skills is to help prevent the tendency for us to seek relief in self destructive behaviors that lead to unnecessary suffering.

AIM’s Psychoeducation Program teaches self awareness & emotional intelligence skills. This allows us to minimize the impact of life stressors and adjustments, mental health conditions, medical conditions, and various disabilities. AIM’s Psychoeducation Program can be tailored for individuals, groups, families, and various levels of intellectual abilities with a variety of engaging and dynamic ways to teach and reinforce psychoeducational skills.  

Amie has built and crafted her Psychoeducation Program over the past 20 years. Drawing from her experience working as a mental health clinician in the prison system, state run non profits, and her own private practice has helped her develop the Psychoeducation program she utilizes today. 

"I see how easy it is to get focused on the problem rather than the smaller parts that fuel the problem. Although tackling the problem is necessary, the problem will return if the core parts are not also addressed. If we are taught the common core psychoeducation skills, we then have the opportunity to not be held down by life’s obstacles.”

– Amie Thomas

AIM’s Psychoeducation Program is tailored to identify your strengths & deficits to increase your awareness

Here are some examples of the Psychoeducational skills taught in the program:
    • Feeling Identification
      • Gain the ability to be aware and verbalize different states of emotion 
    • Feeling Intensity Management
      •  Gain awareness of your variety of emotional intensity and how to move the intensity in the preferred direction
    • Physiological impact of emotion
      • Gain awareness of how emotions and body sensations correlate 
    • Empathy 
      • Increasing the ability to understand others in order to connect and cope 
    • Boundaries & Boundary Setting
      • Gain a concrete understanding of emotional and physical limits and how to implement in various situations

AIM’s Psychoeducation Program

What to expect: 
This program begins with a free 30 minute assessment with a trained  AIM Skill Builder. During this assessment, the Skill Builder will identify your strengths & deficits in order to create a unique program with up to 10 sessions in the form of a Psychoeducation Prescription Plan. The Psychoeducation Prescription plan identifies the recommended skills to learn, understand and practice implementation.  All Psychoeducation Prescription Plans will be reviewed by Amie to ensure the Skill Builder has created the best plan of action for your Psychoeducational needs.

AIM’s Psychoeducation Prescription Plan is created according the specific developmental stages and needs for children 5-12, Teens 13-17, Young Adults, and Adults.  Psychoeducation Prescription Plans can also be tailored to parents, families and couples.

Each psychoeducational session is one hour with an AIM Skill Builder.  Psychoeducation sessions for families, couples, and groups are typically 75-90minutes.  

Sessions are designed to inform, discuss, and practice the skills identified. The primary goal of AIM’s Psychoeducation Prescription is to educate and integrate healthy coping mechanisms to improve your quality of life.

Amie believes in the importance of psychoeducation and she is invested in sharing her program with our community. To inspire as many people as possible to participate in the program, this opportunity is completely free for everyone that signs up before November 1, 2023

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